Loyalty Program

Reduce “gym hopping” with a loyalty solution that recognizes and rewards members with tailored services and programs while improving revenues, frequency of visits and positive word of mouth

Build profitable relationships

Members will spend more money and are valuable ambassadors for your business through loyalty program


Customer retention is the key to healthy business growth, Loyalty programs gives you that at a greater angle.

Positive Word of Mouth

The best advertising is a positive word of mouth from existing members. Loyal members tend to make more referrals to your business. You can increase excitement through loyalty Program

Gain Insight of your members

Discover your most loyal members. Track your members' visits, frequency, money spent, anticipate sales trends, see where your marketing are most valuable and segment your members for target marketing

Goal Archiving

Through loyalty program, you can implement goal archiving in that, members get points or awarded through their efforts, thus members are encouraged.

Attendance & Participation

On Loyalty program, your members can earn point through constant attending the gym or participating on gym activities


Referrals is a form of marketing your business through loyal members, encouraging of your members on each referrals they get will be awarded or given points.

Early Payments & Renewals

Members on renewing their membership or renew before expiry or right on time will earn points. This intern helps keep your members at alert and a continuous revenue generation.

Automation & Marketing