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From our existing clients.
below is what they said about FitRose.

Great Body FitRose Great Body

" The new system is great,” said Thuo Kimani, owner at Great Body Gym. “ i am able to keep track of my daily, weekly and monthly sales with ease regardless of my location or device. keep hold of my expenditures , inventory and stocks at my gym. With the loyalty program, i am getting more referrals, my retention rate has improved and more. Would recommend this system to any gyms”.

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TKO gym Perfect Gym - Warsaw (HQ)

" The new system works best for me” said Jamal, owner at TKO gym. “We are happy with the results. My staff have all expressed how the FitRose has helped out and ease their work load. am able to access it online and know what is going on at the gym. View the attendance at the gym and so much more. This is the best system would recommend for a gym owner to use in his or her gym.”

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Pump Fitness Perfect Gym - Moscow

" I believe the new system has helped a lot” said Amos, owner at Pump Fitness. “I am glad I have the system installed in my gym. I am able to track daily attendance, track payment reports per departments and much more. The system is so easy to use and good interface. I would recommend FitRose to any Gym.”

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Samto Gym Perfect Gym - Melbourne

" You want to know every steps from revenue collection to attendance FitRose is the way” said Ken, owner at Samto Fitness Center. “I am happy i installed the system. Their is so much that the system has incorporated that i will be proud to recommend this to any other gym or fitness studio. Thank you FitRose.”

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