Customer Relationship Manager

Maximize your acquisition potential with our lead generation tools
and convert your potential leads into paying customers

Manage Leads

You can quickly assign walk-ins and online leads to your sales representatives to prioritize, keep notes, and plan communication.

Manage Complementary

You can give trial memberships and complementary to your members, keep notes, and plan communication with them

Sales Funnel Visualization

Visualize and monitor each phase of the entire customer journey from beginning to end. You'll be able to spot where the most drop-offs occur and be able to strategize on improvements.

Real-time Sales Results

Our entire CRM is updated in real-time so that you always have the most up-to-date results and metrics to make decisions with.

Follow Up

All lead follow-up tasks such as phone calls, appointment re-booking, future in-person meetings, and rejections are represented for the entire customer journey.

Lead Campaign Attribution

Specify which of your marketing campaigns are generating the most leads by easily attributing each one to their source campaign.

Sales Commissions

Get all the earned commissions automatically calculated and allocated for your sale's team members for each completed sale.

Customer Relationship Manager