Business Intelligence & Analytics

Using machine learning, the Business Intelligence module
can find correlations among your members' behavior and data
to create sales predictions, product recommendations and sales forecasts.

Sales Predictions

Using past sales results, Business Intelligence can predict future revenue numbers that you can use to make informed business decisions.

Churn Forecast

Accumulate member behavioral data to predict retention and churn rates and respond accordingly.

Attendance Predictions

Based on past user attendance, you can have an estimation of how many members will be in the gym at a given time.

Product Recommendations

Identify correlations and patterns between purchased products and member behavior to create attractive promotions and boost member engagement.

Detailed Drill Down

Drill down into your data to see exactly which products or memberships are driving your revenue.

Class Recommendations

Don't know which classes to schedule or when? The Business Intelligence module will recommend class substitutions based on member behaviors, likes and other attributes to boost attendance and engagement.

Smart Offers

Automatically send the most appropriate offers to at-risk members to increase retention.

Segmented Data

Break down your data by gender, club, age group and time period to see your revenue results across many different customer segments.

Business Intelligence & Analytics